Billy Russell & Carissa Walford - VJ / TV Presenter

Two of our faves, Billy Russell & Carissa Walford, offer their ideas, thought, insights and experiences on bring a VJ or TV presenter in the music industry.

About Billy… Loves: ‘Train in Vain’ by The Clash, The Forum in Melbourne, busting it on the dance floor (he’s a self confessed slave to the groove espech when ‘The Way You Move’ by Outkast busts out), would take Kanye and Johnny Cash on an ultimate roadie, digs The Big Chill and stings for Doolittle by The Pixies as the album everyone must listen too.

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About Carissa… Loves: ‘Murder To Excellence’ by Jay-Z and Kanye (it’s on heavy iPod rotation), The Metro Theatre in Sydney, would be the first one up and dancing if checking out a Beyonce concert, the good old days of ‘Scrubs’ by TLC, would beam Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love Of All into space to channel alien-life forms and secretly still loves Hanson (come on…. we all do!).

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